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Is there an Uber in Rome? There have been a great deal of reports regarding taxi chauffeurs at Rome’s flight terminals telling tourists that Uber is not allowed in Rome and in the whole country. You could additionally find a white sign or poster behind some buildings that declare that making use of Uber to travel in Rome could cost you EUR 5,000 in penalties. Is there an Uber in Rome? In spite of all the mixed info, you can definitely use Uber in Rome up to Milan, but that’s only the extent of where this ride – sharing app can operate.The rumors concerning Uber being actually prohibited in Rome have been dispersed through cab drivers who think that Uber is damaging their business. There had been various strikes in Rome to resist the company when in fact, if they join Uber, taxi driver won’t have to acquire a license that are very tedious and expensive. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question, is there an Uber in Rome?

Is there an Uber in Rome: Temporary Banned in 2017

Is there an Uber in Rome? Because of demonstrations, Uber was temporarily banned in 2017. The company swiftly appealed the ruling and it was promptly reversed. Consequently, Uber continues to be legal to use in the country but only in the areas of Rome and Milan.

Rates and Routes

Is there an Uber in Rome? While you need to not strongly believe the stories that Uber is actually prohibited in Italy, you should be warned that their service is fairly costly compared to other countries. Considering that drivers need to possess the city car NCC permit in order to work, Rome merely permits Uber Black and other types of services. Due to the fact that there is actually no UberX or UberPOOL, the service tends to become a lot more costly than taxis if you compute for it. There’s usually a high demand from passengers that causes the rates to surge especially in the tourist spots around Rome and Milan.


Is there an Uber in Rome? While Uber is certainly not illegal in Rome, it could not be the most ideal selection for auto service in the area. And no, there’s no other ride – sharing app allowed like Lyft. But there are actually a handful of various other substitutes in the city and in other parts of the country you can check out:


MyTaxi is actually an application that works just like Uber. The difference is that, it is going to connect you to the nearby taxi for you to be picked up. You can put your destination address and use the GPS to ensure that the route you entered will be the route taken. If you intend to try it, you may use promo codes for around EUR 5.00 off your initial journey when you pay in the application. However, make sure to get in touch with the driver due to the fact that there might be various other promotions at the time. Keep in mind that you may only utilize one promo code per trip.

Welcome Pickups and Kiwi Taxi

If you like the protection of knowing who would pick you up, and your desired destination, the ideal alternative is Welcome Pickups. If you are taking flight into one of Rome’s flight terminals, you can easily schedule ahead of time via their app or on their website. For the very same price as a taxi, you will have a driver waiting for you at the gates or wherever. Considering that it comes along with excellent additional for the same rate as you would ordinarily spend for an airlift into to your resort anyways, lots of tourists have actually used Welcome Pickups in multiple urban areas. If you really want an Uber – like experience with a private vehicle, you can also try another ride application called Kiwi Taxi.


Touting on its own as the “uber for scooters,” Scooterino is actually an ride service app that will send a scooter chauffeur with an extra headgear to pick you up at your place. Enjoy the ride of a lifetime as they swiftly zoom you throughout Rome!

When In Rome Tips

While countless tourists from around the world flock to Rome every single year, this historical place marches to its own beat. No amount of foreign tourism appears to influence Rome’s distinctive atmosphere and also lifestyle. On the contrary, foreigners need to be actually prepped to blend in to Roman customs, as touring decorum is clearly distinguished. Do what the Romans are doing! Check out these tips below!

Impara La Lingua!

Learn the language! While several individuals in Rome communicate or can understand English, don’t assume that everyone does. Generally, Romans are may believe you are actually rude to ask a question in English since you’re in Rome anyway, you must learn how to speak their language. You can use an Italian expression manual to inquire touristy questions or let Google translator help you out. A lot of citizens are pleased by foreigners’ efforts to talk Italian. When you attempt to ask a question in Italian, some may allow you to speak in English but they’ll surely appreciate the effort.

Wear Proper Attire

Informal attire pertains for the majority of Rome, but if you are actually considering a vacation to a premium restaurant or even cinema, bring formal wear. While the concept of Italian men as catcalling voyeurs is actually a stereotype, it is typically recommended that women deal with it in order to avoid excess focus. The dress code in religions is strictly enforced: No plunging necklines, exposed shoulders or short skirts. St. Peter’s Basilica is actually especially firm on this policy, as well as its personnel often changes away men as well as females for unacceptable clothes.

Tipping Etiquette

Several restaurant employees rely greatly on tips from tourists, thus leave behind some money if the solution is good. Some eateries include a service charge on the bill, so double-check before leaving.

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