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Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? The tap water in Rome is potable for tourists drink. Rome, for more than two thousand years, has a reputation for their water’s quality. Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? Thanks to the Ancient Romans who created great pipelines which you can still view as you stand up in some elevated areas as well as the neighboring countryside. Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? Below is what you need to have to learn about consuming water in Rome from your hotels or from some of the drinking fountain around the area.

Is the Tap Water in Rome Safe to Drink: Water Fountains in Rome

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? It is risk – free to consume water coming from these Rome drinking fountains and it is also free for everyone. You can place your water container under the spout or even clean your palms under the moving water. The water is going to be actually re-routed through a small hole in the pipe which produces a natural water fountain of water to consume. Make sure to not put your mouth straight on the water pipes for the fountains to stay clean and hygienic.


Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? If you are fretted about having the ability to find the “nasoni” when you are out looking into Rome, there is actually an application that can aid with that. The Water Finder in Rome application has arranged all 2,500 drinking fountains so you can easily obtain water from or even replenish your bottle throughout the urban area. At some areas, including facing the Colosseo city stop, where tons of people go by seeking consuming water, ACEA even gives special devices along with cleansed water, all accessible for complimentary.

Checking Tap Water Safety in Rome

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? If you prefer, or if you desire to geek out, you can check out the current water safety records from ACEA which is the water company and authority in Rome.

Simply visit their website and enter your handle (e.g. your lodging) and after that click the dot on the map. It will certainly popup a tiny image which reviews “Per maggiori informazioni: Clicca qui” which translates to: “to learn more: go here.”

Clicking on the hyperlink is going to start an automated download of the most recent water file for that specific region. It is going to consist of information on degrees of salt, arsenic, calcium mineral, magnesium mineral, etc.

Got Any Specific Concerns?

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? If there is actually a specific concern that you have with drinking water, you can be sure the water complies with those specialized requirements. If you are actually only questioning regarding Rome water generally, this ought to supply confidence that everything is being actually tracked.

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? The only time you must certainly not drink water in Rome is if you observe an indication that claims “ACQUA NON POTABILE”. This implies that the water is not secure to drink, nevertheless, this is incredibly uncommon. You will likely observe it in the washrooms on trains, where the water is actually only indicated for handwashing or external use only.

Bottled Water

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? It is actually completely risk-free to consume the water in Rome but you are going to often find neighborhood Italians as well as visitors purchasing canned water. If you are still worried about the top quality of water in Rome or are taking a trip with younger babies who require detoxified water for formula, you can easily locate plenty of bottled water choices.


Relying on the brand name, 1.5-liter bottles of water may cost around 40 to 70 pennies in the majority of food stores. If you get these large bottles in mini-markets near primary destinations, you will most likely pay off closer to two Euros. Much smaller containers of water are actually widely offered at these section establishments that cost around one Euro. In neighborhood grocery stores, you can acquire these half – liter containers for a couple of cents.

Types of Water in Rome

If you are purchasing water, inspect the tag to find if it is actually acqua naturale (ordinary water), acqua minerale (sparkling water along with natural minerals), or even acqua frizzante (fizzy water/ water along with gas).

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? Mineral water is extremely prominent in Rome and other parts of the country. Just make sure to purchase a brand with a picture of a baby on the tag if you require cleansed water that is ideal for younger infants.

Bistro Water

Is the tap water in Rome safe to drink? When it comes to water in bistros; it is extremely rare to be served with public water in Rome, even though the water is actually safe to consume. When you get a large bottle of water it might cost you around two Euros. When you finish your dish, the bottle is typically served in a glass but you also have to leave it behind. It is actually just a portion of the cost of dining in restaurants in Rome. Make sure to remain hydrated especially if you are going to travel during summer time. You will surely get dehydrated and tired from walking.

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