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How to go from Rome to Pompeii? Perhaps the easiest means to view Pompeii in a day when you are based in Rome is by taking a bus scenic tour. These excursions leave Rome early in the morning. You can travel to Pompeii in an air – conditioned bus along with a guide where you can learn a couple of cool facts. The guide will also take you to the historical sites within Pompeii.

How to go from Rome to Pompeii? Pompeii is actually the sort of place you really would want a guide. A lot of the interesting site resides in ruins and much of the significant artifacts have actually been deployed to a gallery. Having an overview consisting would really help bring the place and also the tale of its collapse to life.

How to Go From Rome to Pompeii: Via Train

How to go from Rome to Pompeii? If you are coming from Rome and you want to head to Pompeii, it is best to take the train. You need to ride 2 trains. The first route is from Rome to Naples; the second route is from Naples to Pompeii Scavi.

You need a train from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale– the core terminals in each metropolitan area. You may also sometimes find trains from Roma Tiburtina to Naples.

How to go from Rome to Pompeii? The Termini and Tiburtina terminals are actually the only ones in Rome that will definitely have a high-speed train to Naples. It’s best that you take the faster train as opposed to the less expensive one considering that you are already in for a long day.

Leave Early

How to go from Rome to Pompeii? You should leave early so that you can have adequate time. The travel time coming from Rome to Naples will only take about an hour. The cost of your train depends how far ahead of time you purchase the tickets. Sometimes there are stopovers or even strikes so factor those in when planning your time.

Because you will need to have to switch to the regional train recognized as the Circumvesuviana; the train that goes around Vesuvius, it is actually necessary that you go to Napoli Centrale. This is a little commuter type of train, but it is actually practical for tourists travelling the region considering that it goes to both Pompeii as well as Sorrento.

Going Back

When you leave, go under the terminal and follow the route to Cirucumvesuviana. You can get tickets from a ticket window before entering the smaller terminal.

Make sure to verify your ticket as you walk in to the station. This must be actually done at the gates and be straightforward. You will also need to have an additional ticket for the journey back to Naples.

Pompeii Scavi Station

The Circumvesuviana will certainly make multiple stopovers however you would like to get off at Pompeii Scavi station NOT Pompeii. The Pompeii station resides in a lot more modern – day aspect of city and you will require strolling at minimum of half an hour to see everything. In conditions of tickets for Pompeii itself, you will definitely need to obtain that yourself.

After having a hearty meal, tasting some wines, or taking cool pictures you can then head back to Rome. Just purchase your tickets at the terminal in Pompeii to take the Circumvesuviano back to Napoli Centrale. Take the train coming from Naples to Rome. Always watch your things at the Naples train station because the place is quite notorious for robbers.

Want a Private Driver to Pompeii?

How to go from Rome to Pompeii? If you like to visit the place in style, you can reserve an exclusive driver to take you from your Rome lodging to the ancient site. After visiting the historical place, you may head to the Amalfi Shoreline for lunch in Positano if you want before coming back to Rome.

How to go from Rome to Pompeii? Having an exclusive chauffeur is the most pricey yet also the most comfortable thing you can do if budget is not an issue. The rate is actually around EUR 700 but considering the length of time you as well as the private service, this works out to a rate of EUR 50 per hour that’s good to accommodate three people.

If you don’t want to drive on your own but still have a customize your mini roadway trip to see the best of what Pompeii has to offer, it is worth it. Don’t forget to wear comfy clothing and flat shoes! Lots of walking indeed!

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