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How to buy a sim card in Rome? International rates on cellular phone plans are super pricey so you might wish to look at purchasing a sim memory card in Rome. How to buy a sim card in Rome? A sim card permits you to easily put phone calls within Rome, utilize data, and also take your phone in between different European Union countries without added expenses. In this article, you’ll learn how to buy a sim card in Rome?

How to buy a sim card in Rome? Here are some reminders on how you can purchase a sim in Rome or in the rest of the country. Make sure to follow the guidelines below:


  • You have to buy an Italian SIM personally
  • Some of the reasons you can easily not effortlessly get a SIM card ahead of time is actually due to the fact that you must show I.D. Make sure to bring your travel documents with you as well.
  • You need to possess a codice fiscale (if you don’t have one, then don’t worry the phone company will make one for you right away). The codice fiscal functions as an ID that is actually tied to your name, birthday, and your nationality. This is sort of like a social security number.
  • Your phone has to be unlocked and shouldn’t be tied to your carrier in your own country. This is how you can connect to the local phone company.
  • Keep in mind that sim cards sometimes don’t work for a couple of hours, it’s best to a lot some time before you can easily use your brand new contact number.

Choose Your Best Phone Plan

How to buy a sim card in Rome? If you fulfill the reminders mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you acquire a SIM memory card when you get there. The phone plans in Rome and all of Italy are actually not that expensive. You also have the option of choose a sort of prepaid or monthly plan for the duration of your stay.

Tourists Pay More

Ultimately, it may help you save cash and stay connected online where cost-free Wi-Fi is quite rare. The best way to get a sim is by directly going to a phone store after arriving in the country. It’s best to not buy one at the airport because it will usually cost so much more. The sim cards at the airport are actually overpriced because they are taking advantage of the newcomers. If you want to get a great deal, try not to buy sim cards inside the airport.

10 Euros SRP

How to buy a sim card in Rome? Practically every mobile phone business in Rome will offer you a sim card for around 10 Euros. If the price is greater than the standard retail price (for instance, if you’re going to buy from stores inside the airport), then it is best that you keep looking somewhere else. You can also check out great deals from the phone stores in the next section:

Major Phone Companies in Rome

Mobile phone coverage could be erratic some areas of Rome. If you will be going to areas beyond the primary urban places, it may be best to consult the Romanians for you to have an idea as to which phone line has the best signal in that area. Major phone companies include the following:


Big service provider in Italy and numerous other international nations. Vodafone has a plan wherein you can pay regular rates per month for a certain volume of minutes and Gigabytes or data. On average, you this will be worth it if you won’t exceed data.


A prominent mobile phone supplier with commonly good coverage and inexpensive plans.


Cellphone company operating in Rome and in the whole country with great connection. You can also choose various plans that suit you and your budget. They also offer telecom connections and internet data.


Another provider with decent coverage depending on where you are situated in the country.


Incredibly affordable but some consumers say that the connection or coverage is limited.

How Phones and Connections Work in Rome

How to buy a sim card in Rome? It’s not ideal to sign up for a phone plan that has a contract (for example: 1 year contract etc.) According to most tourists, it will be harder to cancel this kind of plan. Companies will also demand you to send out a letter through registered mail. You can avoid this by letting them charge the payment via your debit or credit card. It’s best to pay in cash and just get a prepaid plan since you won’t be staying for long. This will make you certain that you are only signing up for their monthly plans. If you quit using the SIM memory card, you simply stop purchasing credit.

Vodafone and TIM

It Is actually possible to acquire a card and also receive a phone plan from both Vodafone and TIM network at the Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal. If you want to find them, just exit the baggage claim and turn right. Stroll past all the motorists waiting for guests and you are going to find their booths around the coffee bar area.

Other Possible Options

How to buy a sim card in Rome? These are both trusted phone lines, but the memory cards and phone plans that they supply at the terminal are mainly for the tourist market. You will find yourself paying for a much higher fee than locals. However, it will save you some hassle with having a codice fiscale and also it might be actually simpler to determine the right plan for you but you will likely pay additional. If you are not rushing, it’s best that you checkout the stores in the city – center because it will certainly be less expensive. Plus, you’ll get to mingle with the locals!

Adding Credits

Having a pre – paid memory card in Rome does demand their customers with purchasing credit score. Credit scores are actually offered by many online stores. You can purchase additional credits through their website or through PayPal and other online payment methods. You can likewise go to shops that offer ricarica (particularly Tabaccherie or even newsstands, or directly to your cell phone company outlet). Lots of establishments may add the credit rating straight to your phone however others will definitely sell you a little memory card with a one – of – a – kind code. We hope this article answered your question, how to buy a sim card in Rome?

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