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When you are to visit the Eternal City of Rome, you ought not just to be immense in its astonishing attractions, but to also indulge in the best foods and drinks it has to offer. After all, we are all for maximizing pleasure and collecting a great number of memories from place to place. This is the beauty of traveling. Now, with over 8000 restaurants residing in the Italian capital and with over 4000 cafés, it is impossible; and just plain overwhelming to choose where to please your stomachs; and this is what this article is all about.

Reputable Restaurants in Rome


Sleek, sophisticated, and indeed a classic. Decorated with dim lighting and dark wood-paneled walls. All’Oro is a Michelin star that serves the perfect canvas for a creative, gourmet meal. The avant-garde chef. Riccardo Di Giancinto is a powerful artist of food granted with an extreme talent of creating immersive dining experiences; and guaranteed flavored-poached dishes is what awaits you. The restaurant is best known for Banana wontons, which is served with caramelized popcorn; and coconut cream and is one of the city’s most alluring desserts. 

Antica Fonderia 

Antica fonderia is a refined restaurant residing in the beauty of Via del Pellegrino that offers signature grilled smoked; and sizzled dishes cooked and flavored in an open fire. Every ingredient is cast by the flames, from lambs to lobsters, from vegetables like bok choy. The restaurant uses ancient cooking methods, classics that are adding depth to the already rich flavors. Risotto with Cantabrian anchovies and candied ginger is a heaven on earth dish that you should not miss out on this place. 


Excellent central with tasteful decors; and a handful of outdoor tables during summer months, Clotilde is undoubtedly the restaurant in Eternal City that champions local, seasonal dishes. Its menu proposes a great spin; and twist on country cooking, turning rustic recipes from Lazio’s southern ciociaria region into delicate, refined dishes. What to look out for? Is the restaurant’s delish Beef cannelloni with a pecorino fondue and black truffles. 

Enoteca La Torre a Villa Laetitia

Enoteca La Torre, a Villa Laetitia, is arguably Rome’s most beautiful restaurant. The dining room showcases ceiling to floor art deco windows that reflects intricate stuccoes; and each dish is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. It is piloted by Domenico Stile, who is the youngest Michelin-starred chef in the city. The graceful restaurant fuses flavors from the native Campania, and gives personal touches of umami for creative; and delightful results of combinations. What to order, you may ask? is their pungent Sole fish with artichokes, with flavors that will never leave your memory. 


Jacopa is the astonishing contemporary restaurant that stands out from a number of historic trattorias of Trastevere, Jacopa; and will furiously delight adventurous food enthusiasts with its modern approach to sweetbreads, snails, and rabbit. Customers are also to immerse in creative interpretations of Rome’s classic dishes such as roasted pork with potatoes; and sprouts or the restaurant’s infamous tender beef relish with shallots; and cauliflower. The restaurant’s wine list is another impressive thing it offers, as they have a wide and varied selection of natural; and biodynamic labels. 

Prominent Cafes in Rome

Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè

Just around the corner of the well-adored Pantheon, this famous Rome café has been capturing tourists’ hearts since 1983. Historic but unpretentious, this café only selects beans from great coffee bean lands of Ethiopia, Brazil; and Guatemala to make Romans morning complete. 

Antigua Tazza d’Oro

Built in 1946, another classic café you can never go wrong is Antigua Tazza d’Oro. The café is in high regard because of its top-notch espresso, cappuccino, and its famed granita al caffè. The third mentioned is a delicate icy, slushy coffee drink that is served with whipped cream; and gives a sweet hint of caffeine and calories. 

Tram Depot 

A fun, morning coffee shop and a local’s favorite late-night drinking spot, Tram Depot serves up a range of delectable coffees that speaks to the heart of both locals and tourists. With their unfailingly tasteful coffee selection, they also serve refined cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies with a great selection of dainty pastries and sandwiches, 


Panella is an infamous café, best known for its flavorful artisanal breads and pastries that will make every local and tourist in awe. Its window displays intricate and impressive dough sculptures like the Colosseum and other Rome Icons. The café’s outdoor seating area is embellished with colorful and shade-giving flowers that account for it being a charming spot to enjoy a cup of rich, flavorful coffee. 

Sciascia Caffè 1919

Last, but definitely not least, is the century-old, old-school coffee house residing in the neighborhood of Prati. The burnished wooden paneling, beautiful and intricate period artwork and vintage machines are what make this café charming and an evocative spot for a caffeine fix. 


And it’s a wrap! Unraveling Rome’s best food and coffee drinks have to offer is always a delight to discuss, as we really aim for your best travel experiences yet. We hope this piece was able to enlighten you what to look at and check on Eternal City. It’s time to satisfy the wanderlusts and foodie in you in this greatly adored city. 

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